Pyrethrum Processing


The dry flowers are taken to various designated collection centers in the various growing areas. Transportation of dry flowers coordinated by Pyrethrum Regulatory Authority using either Lorries or pickups on monthly basis to the processing plant in Nakuru and other licensed processors. On arrival to the factory the sampling is undertaken to determine pyrethrin content for each grower. This ensures that the grower is paid according to the quality of his/her produce.

There are two extraction plants at the PRA in Nakuru. Currently the plant that is in operation has a capacity of 25MT per day. The new plant, which has capacity of 50MT per day has not been commissioned because of low flower production and deliveries, and some aspects that are not complete. To ensure the viability of the processing company it is imperative that sufficient flowers are produced to utilize the installed capacity of the factory. Currently, the country is estimated to produce between 2000-3000 MT per year of dried pyrethrum flower against an estimated potential of 20,000 MT.