Pyrethrum Inputs


Pyrethrum is propagated by splits/crown division and seed/seedlings that are mainly produced by PRA in the satellite farms and through licensed nursery operators. The seedlings are usually grown in a seedbed; and on attaining 4 or 5 inches high, they are transplanted to the field on a spacing of 30 x 60-90cm.

Superior varieties are developed by Pyrethrum Regulatory Authority (former PBK) in collaboration with KALRO at Molo research Centre. The recommended variety for high altitude is P4 while varieties for medium to low altitude are K218 and K235.

The other inputs include Fertilizer of 5g DAP per hole at planting and 250-300kg/ha of TSP per hole after cutting back. Manure of 10 ton/ha (a handful per hole) for poor soils 3 months before planting is recommended.