Production of Mushrooms

Mushroom production can be grown through various methods from simple production system of low value to high capital investment enterprise. Mushroom can be grown The production system involves substrate preparation, composting, pasteurization and conditioning, spawning and incubation, casing, pinning and then harvesting.

There are a whole range of pests and diseases that can attack mushrooms. The most common diseases of mushroom includes: Bacterial blotch   Green mould;  die-back disease, dry bubble disease, wet bubble disease. The most common pests includes: Mites , Mushroom flies,  Mycophytic nematodes, phorid fly, sciarid fly.

Phases of cultivation of button and oyster mushrooms

Mushrooms do not rely on sunlight to grow and start as very small spores (reproductive structures like very, very tiny seeds in fungi). The spores will grow in the substrate to produce a network of fine white filaments called mycelium (portion of the mushroom that grows underground). From the mycelium the mushroom fruit is produced. This is the part that is harvested.


Download List of Mushroom Diseases and Pests (PDF, 374KB)