Honey Production

Production of honey

The honey production is carried out in an apiary system where farmers have one to several beehives in a portion of the land or on a large scale basis covering a huge area with many beehives. The empty hives are placed high up on trees or suspended between poles and are occupied by passing swarms or stocked.

Siting of the Apiary.

In siting the apiary the following factors are considered:

  • Availability of water — where water is not available in a 3 km radius, sugar solution or syrup is placed close to the hives in containers.
  • Availability of flowers.
  • A sheltered place – The bee hives should be protected from strong sun and wind.
  • A place which is free from noise and other disturbances.
  • Away from human beings and livestock. The apiary should be sited away from homesteads, pastures and busy roads.

Stocking the Hive; encouraging bees to enter an empty hive or actually putting them in it.