Fish Processing

Fish Processing is a way of preserving fish and at the same time improving their quality.  In the process, the form of the fish change.Once a fish has been caught it passes through a number of processes or stages before it is consumed or sold for consumption. These processes may include the following:

• Gutting- this involves the removal of viscera (matumbo)
• Scaling- This is the removal of scales
• Icing- use of ice in ice boxes to arrest microbial degradation
• Transportation to market

Methods of fish processing can be divided into primary processing and secondary processing.

Primary processing includes the steps that enable fish to be stored or sold for further processing, packaging and distribution. These steps are cleaning, heading, gutting, grading, filleting, de-boning, skinning, chilling and freezing

Secondary processing includes the production of value-added products. Such processes are ; washing, gilling and scaling, fining, salting, drying, smoking, canning ,marinating and  Packaging


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