Fish Policies

The Fisheries Department is the national institution mandated to manage the fisheries sector and currently operates under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries. Basic fisheries legislation is set out in six parts and 26 sections of the Fisheries Act (cap378) .The Act applies to both marine and inland fisheries, and broadly empowers the Director of Fisheries, with the approval of the Minister, to issue regulations to promote the development of fisheries and aquaculture and to ensure the proper management of specific fisheries.

The government policy for the fisheries sub-sector has been to maximize production by proper utilisation of resources. The policy encourages fish filleting for export, rationalisation of tariff structures on inputs of fish processing machinery and support of programmes that provide boats and gear (engines and nets) to fishermen. The government has named processing, which includes fish processing, as a priority area for investment promotion as outlined in the International Investment Conference in Nairobi – Kenya in March 2004.

Fisheries Act CAP 378, National Oceans and Fisheries policy, Aquaculture Policy and Land use act, water act, Environmental Management and Coordination Act,

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