Aggregation and Processing in Dairy

Milk aggregation is the collection of milk from various producers for ease of processing and/or marketing. The aggregation is carried out by individual traders, co-operatives, self-help groups and processors.

Value addition includes grading, cooling, pasteurization, packaging and transportation. In order to increase the value and shelve life of the Milk it is processed into value added products such as butter, cheese, yogurt, Mala, ice cream, powder milk, long life etc. Long life milk dried whole milk and skim milk powders have ready export market but are produced in limited quantities because of the low processing capacity.

Processed milk and milk products in Kenya constitute between 20% and 30% (0.395 billion litres) of the total marketed milk and dairy products, an indication that there is a high preference for unprocessed milk. 

Major milk processors are the New KCC, Githunguri Dairy Co-operative Society, Brookside dairy, Limuru Co-operative Dairy and Meru Central Dairy Co-operative Union. In total there are 54 registered milk processors but only 34 are operational.  In total, the processors handle 1.5 million litres per day but their installed processing capacity is 3 million litres. Therefore 50% of the processing capacity is unutilized.