Processing of Coffee

Processing of coffee start with picking the  ripe berries  and processing it the same day to ensure uniformity in dyring.The cherry are processed by taking it  into coffee pulper machine to remove the red pulp  to convert it from the cherry to partchment coffee(wet processing).cherry should be pulped on the same day of picking or delivery to the society.This is refered to primary coffee processing in order  to transform cherry to partchment  ready for secondary processing.

Other process which follows includes;pre grading, fermentation, intermediate washing,final washingunder-water soaking, partchment drying, sorting of parchment, packaging, transportation to mill.

Milling represents the secondary processing when the coffee parchments is delivered into the mill plant by either the  coffee cooperative societies,estate growers and large scale plantation.Coffee societies are required to appoints a miller annualy from a list of licensed miller by the coffee directorate within ALFA .

Coffee milling involves two stages, namely the removal of impurities through use of screens, magnetic separation of any metal pieces and pneumatic system to remove light materials. This is followed by hulling of the partchment or buni to remove husk and polishing to remove silver skin from the clean bean surface.

The other second stage is mechanical grading which separate the clean coffee beans into different grade based on size,shape and weight of the clean bean.