Marketing of Coffee

Cooperatives and small growers are required to sell their coffee produce through licensed coffee marketing agent by the  coffee directorate  in ALFA .Kenya has two coffee marketing systems: Central auction system and direct sale.

Auction system commonly referred to as Nairobi Coffee Exchange, is a market where licensed dealers buy coffee through competitive bidding. Coffee auctions are conducted every Tuesday. The prices are dictated by new York price index and reserve price fixed by the taste of the cup.The Nairobi coffee exchange is under the management of the Kenya Coffee Producers and Traders Association..

A direct sale, commonly referred to ‘Second Window’, requires a marketing agent to directly negotiate with a buyer outside the country and a sales contract is signed and registered with the coffee directorate. Individual cooperative have option to sell clean coffee through direct market (second widow) without involving the marketing agents.

Kenya's premium grade of coffee, is simply a measure by  the size, weight and shape of the bean. The grade sizes, ranging in order from the largest to the smallest, are AA, AB, PB, C, E, TT and T.The  bigger beans mean more aroma and flavour  and produce better quality coffee.grade AA is Kenya premium coffee.Ideally the buyer focus on quality predominantly in the cup.The clean coffee is graded, packaged and sold in 60kg bag.

The clean coffee is sold locally  and through  export to European , latin America, US market. Other emerging market  such as   China ,middle East