Marketing of Cashew Nuts


Marketing of raw cashew nuts has gone through many changes since the 1970s when cashew was a scheduled crop. At that time the responsibility of buying raw cashew nuts was given to the NCPB as the sole government agents who also appointed cooperative societies as agents(CAP 318).

Later marketing was liberalized and the system was opened to all and sundry bringing in other players such as agents and traders who purchased and sold the nuts to Kenya Cashewnut LTD, the only major processor at that time.

Currently, marketing of raw cashew nuts in Kenya involves simple linkages of farmers to processors ,exporters through middlemen.

Market Destinations

The processed products find their way to both local and international markets, tourism industry and confectionary  processors. Export Market  to India, Netherlands, Israel, Pakistan, Tanzania, Angola, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.