Harvesting of Cashew Nuts

Trees  start bearing fruits when they are 2 ½ - 3 years old. They reach maturity after 9-10 years .Harvesting starts at the beginning of October and continues till the end of December.

The nuts are collected on weekly basis during the dry season and on daily basis during the wet weather  to avoid fruit rotting or insect damage and stored in dry conditions

Sun dry raw nuts for one to six days to reduce moisture content to 9% or less for safe storage.Correctly dried nuts are pinkish in colour and produce a rattling sound when shaken. No mark can be made on a dry nut with a thumbnail.

Cashew nuts are graded into FAQ (Fair Average Quality) andUG (Under Grade)

Pruning of cashew trees is normally carried outafter harvesting the last nuts and/or before flowering toremove dead, intermingling and diseased   branches.

Pollarding and Coppicing is theremove the whole canopy of aged but productive trees where asTop- working is grafting 3-4 sprouts per stem when pencil thick from canopied trees.