Inputs for Beef

Beef Inputs

The main types of inputs in beef production includes; Beef herd, feeds, water, vaccines, drugs and machinery and equipment such as weighing band, de-horning equipment, branding bar, livestock pens (lairage)etc.

Beef herd

The beef herd need to be of high quality. This is achieved through having the right breeds and proper management.


Beef cattle feeds should be balanced to contain the major nutrients necessary for the body to function normally. These feeds include the natural forage, energy feeds, mineral and vitamin supplements.


Adequate Clean water should be provided to the beef animal at all times.


Its important to ensure the beef cattle receives routine vaccinations.  This is the obligation of the farmer to avail his animals for vaccination when called upon by the Ministry personnel.


In beef production disease control is paramount as diseases contribute significantly to low productivity.  Reduced disease incidences therefore contribute to improved productivity and profitability in beef production. There are drugs to treat various cattle diseases in the market.  

The most commonly used machinery and equipment include weighing band, de horning equipment, branding bar, carcass chiller.


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