Launch of the Agribusiness Information Portal(AIP)

The Agribussiness Information portal(AIP) was officially launched by Industrialization Principal Secretary Dr. Wilson Songa  in Olkalau, Nyandarua County on 7th September 2015. at the Mood Hotel. Dr. Songa welcomed the portal and advised the farmers and those interested in agribussiness take full advantage and benefit from the information in the portal. The portal which is web based will disseminate information on agribussiness on value chains and any farmer or interested group can access it through smartphones.

During the Launch the PS also said that  a National Co-operative Development Policy is being developed to capture the spirit of devolution and help address gray areas that have been a source of conflict between the national and county governments. The policy will  inform the review of the national legal framework to ensure uniformity in the management of the co-operative movement across the country