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Four Kenyan factories have been named among the world’s best specialty coffee producers at a bi-annual sampling event featuring 49 top-end samples.
Gachatha Coffee Factory in Nyeri clinched the first position among the top 10 coffees dominated by Kenyan produce that also included coffee from Gicherori, Kamwangi and Ngerwe farms.
The Rainforest Alliance released the detailed scores at its bi-annual “cupping for quality” event that featured 49 coffee samples from Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Rwanda. These were reviewed by a panel of expert cuppers hosted by Balzac Brothers at their SCAA-certified lab in Charleston, South Carolina.
Gachatha, with 1,086 farmers each with an average 200 coffee trees, scored 88.68 points, while Embu County’s Gicherori and Kirinyaga County’s Kamwangi were tied at 85.25. Ngerwe, also from Embu County, scored 84.89.
The four farms were recognised for helping small-scale farmers earn handsome returns through sustainable farming practices that are required for Rainforest Alliance certification to ensure a better-tasting cup of coffee.