Beef Exports

Despite the importance of the beef protocol under the Lomé Convention, only one ACP country – Namibia – consistently exports to the EU, with exports from Botswana being regularly disrupted on sanitary and phytosanitary standards (SPS) grounds, arising from shortcomings in the traceability systems used. Namibia, meanwhile, is in the process of diversifying its beef exports beyond EU markets, given the uncertainties in the ongoing international economic partnership agreement negotiations.

A number of ACP countries are seeking to develop beef production for national, regional and international markets. The rapid growth in demand for beef in China and other emerging economies, supply constraints and rising prices have all renewed interest in beef production across the ACP. However, for most ACP countries, national and regional beef markets are the key to future growth.

Meeting SPS and food safety standards remains critical to export development, while ACP exporters face intense competition from some markets.