About Us


Vision:To be a leader in transforming Kenya into a rapidly industrialized middle-income economy.
Mission:To facilitate the development of a robust, globally competitive, diversified industrial, enterprise and co-operative sub-sectors through the creation of an enabling environment.
Mandate:The mandate of the Ministry is to promote Industrialization and Enterprise Development through:

  • Industrialization and Co-operative Policy formulation and implementation;
  • Implementation of the Industrial Property Rights regime;
  • Private Sector Development Policy and Strategy;
  • Quality Control including Industrial Standards development; 
  • Co-operative Savings, Credit and other Financial Services Policy and regulation;
  • Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Buy Kenya policy.

About the Portal

The objective of AgribusinessInformation portal is to facilitate access of information and advisory services for agricultural value chains through linkages with service providers, partnership and collaboration. The portal Agribusiness Information Portal(AIP) was facilitated by the FAO in partneship with the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development.


The portal is one of the output of the Technical Co-operation Programme entitled Strengthening Organizational and Institutional Capacities for Farmers Associations and Co-operative Societies which was a technical cooperation between the goverment of kenya and FAO.The other outputs achieved includes training of 200 leaders and co-operative officers,and the establishment of 12 Advisory centres(ADAS).FAO has decades of experience in supporting the agriculture, fisheries, forestry and livestock sectors in Kenya. FAO has the knowledge and know-how to develop and implement emergency and development programmes in the country.